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September 30th, in the news

The New York Times - September 30, 1999, Thursday, Late Edition - Final

Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending


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Upgrading Tomcat from 5.5.20 to 6.0.18

I recently upgraded tomcat from 5.5.20 to 6.0.18. It went smoothly because I practiced on another environment. I have a bunch of virtual hosts, so my config isn't just plain vanilla. There were a few things I had to adjust:
  • Classpath differences in the way 6.0 does things vs. 5.5
  • I set org.apache.jasper.compiler.Parser.STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING=false because several webapps aren't conforming to the jsp 2.0 spec in this regard.
  • The cgi servelet is privileged, so instead of enabling it in tomcat's global web.xml, it is better to configure each app that needs it in it's own web.xml and set privileged=true in the context config for that webapp.